My Movies Collection now with Facebook Login (Instructions for previous users)

We’ve changed the login process in My Movies Collection to start using a Facebook account.

The old users should now login in their old account and then link it to their Facebook account, following these steps:

1. Login on the website “old style”:

2. To login, insert your original account email and password for My Movies Collection:

3. In Profile > Facebook Integration, you must click the Facebook “Login” button in order to link your account:

4. You must now authorize the “My Movies Collection” application following the instructions on the Facebook pop-uo windows.

5. From now on just use your Facebook account to login to My Movies Collection.

6. “Like” My Movies Collection page on Facebook because that’s where we’re going to make all announcements regarding new features from now on.

Attention: If you remove the “My Movies Collection” application from Facebook, all data on this service will be lost, as we’ll delete your account immediately after you remove our application from Facebook. You should only do this if you want to terminate your account with us.


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